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Our facility is situated between two major interstate highways, minutes from downtown and several major hotels. Our capabilities and facilities include:

  • Outpatient clinic with over 6,000 patients from which to draw study volunteers

  • Large research patient database independent of the outpatient clinic

  • 2 Principal Investigators, 2 Sub-Investigators, 7 CCRCs, research technicians, dedicated data entry team, start-up specialist, contracts and budgets specialist and recruitment team

  • ACRP-Certified Study Coordinators trained in blood pressure monitoring, phlebotomy, OSHA, HazMat, spirometry, dietary education, injections, infusion and emergency procedures

  • Combined clinical trials experience of over 60 years

  • Ability to use a Central IRB

  • Ten fully-equipped exam rooms 

  • ECG machine

  • Pharmacy Grade Refrigerators and -40° C & -85° C degree freezer

  • Afinion HbA1C Analyzer

  • 3 ambient centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuge with variable RPM and temperature, and high speed centrifuge

  • Comfortable, designated study monitoring work space with shelving

  • Secure drug storage

  • Double-locked cabinets affixed to wall for controlled substance storage

  • Bladder scanner

  • RealTime Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is used to track subject demographics and other screening criteria

  • DSL & Wireless Internet Access

  • CLIA-certified Lab

  • Calibrated Weight Scale

  • Calibrated Stadiometer

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