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Why choose Albuquerque Clinical Trials?


Why choose us?

Responsibility Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is at the heart of all human research. The protection of human subjects is the highest priority and responsibility of all involved in clinical trials. As a fully accredited organization of the Association of the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Program (AAHRPP), Albuquerque Clinical Trials (ACT) is committed to GCP and ever evolving regulatory and cultural standards and values. This includes adherence to the protocol, an ethical informed consent discussion, and clear and available policies and procedures. We develop strong work relationships with sponsors and their representatives. This stems from prompt correspondence and data entry and resolution of queries, as well as availability – we are a 10 minute drive from the Albuquerque airport and close to many historic and affordable hotels. All our studies are overseen by research-dedicated Principal Investigators and coordinators who are certified by the Association of Clinical Research Professionals. 


Recruitment  Sponsors expect sites to efficiently recruit study participants. We are allied with a family practice clinic, Rio Grande Family Medicine (RGFM). We also maintain our own study database of over 6,000 potential subjects. We have extensive marketing experience and contacts with many New Mexican media sources. We promise a one-week turnaround on regulatory, start-up and contracts.


Retention  After over 30 years of conducting trials, we know that retention is equally important as recruitment. We take extra time to make sure patients are properly educated on compliance, whether with diaries, questionnaires, or medication use. Our investigators are committed and involved in every study. They devote themselves to ensuring not only patient safety and eligibility, but also scientifically-sound evaluation of adverse events.

Please visit our facilities page for more details.

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