CMV Vaccine


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the number one infection that causes birth defects in the U.S. CMV is a common viral infection that usually goes unnoticed, but if a woman becomes infected with CMV while she is pregnant, she can pass the infection to her unborn baby. It can also cause serious illness (pneumonia, hepatitis, etc.) in young children and people with weakened immune systems. 


Most CMV infections are silent and cause no symptoms in adults. However, once a person is infected, the virus stays in the body, lying dormant, and can become "reactivated" weeks or years later. 

We are currently looking for volunteers for our CMV Vaccine study. This study consists of 14 clinic visits over a 30-month period. If you are a female aged 16 or older you may qualify. 

Patients that qualify will receive at no cost:

  • Study medication

  • Study-related care from a local doctor

  • Compensation for time and travel

To learn more about this trial you can call 505-224-2735 or fill out the Participant Sign Up Form.